Avoid These Moving Mistakes

Avoid These Moving Mistakes

Avoid these moving mistakes

There is something strangely comforting about hearing how other people have messed up. The best thing about their mistakes is that we can learn from them!

We've compiled a list of five moving mistakes from people who have experienced them and don't want you to make the same moving mistakes.

Not getting help

Moving on your own can be a real drag. Getting help where you can lighten the load, literally.

According to realestate.com.au, Instagram followers were split almost evenly between DIY versus professional moves, although DIY was ultimately preferred.

If you are making a DIY move, enlist the help of friends or family members and rent a reliable vehicle to get the job done in one run.

Rushing the job

It is a recipe for disaster to be unprepared for a big move and rush to get it done last minute. Staying on track is easy if you know how.

Firstly, don't leave all your packing or moving to the last minute. Prepare non-essential items, like decor, books, and non-seasonal and storage items, early. Start shuttling over a few things if you have your keys before your official move-in date.

If you know of anyone who has recently moved, ask them for advice. When you move to a new location, defrost the fridge and leave it for at least one hour before turning it on and loading it up.

Last but not least, make sure to inform your utility providers about disconnecting and reconnecting your services. Make a loose plan and arrange everything as far in advance as possible - from moving boxes to cleaners.

Neglecting cleaning

Don't move into your new house before you've given it a good cleaning. The job becomes ten times more difficult once you have your furniture and boxes in place.

Therefore, prepare your home before moving in by cleaning it thoroughly. The property should arrive in reasonable condition, but you may want to disinfect surfaces and mop and vacuum the floors before you move in.

Additionally, it would help if you cleaned the place you're leaving behind. Your landlord or property manager should provide an end-of-lease cleaning checklist if you live in a rental. If you're not hiring speciality cleaners, don't underestimate the size of this job.

Deep cleaning can include removing light fittings, steaming carpets, wiping blinds and cupboard tops, and cleaning the oven. They all take a few hours to complete.

Not taking photos

Realestate.com Instagram followers reported not taking enough (or any) photos of their rentals.

Whether renting or buying, take photos before signing your lease or contract to purchase.

Before you move into a rental, take more photos than you think are necessary to document the home's condition. Photos may become relevant for the return of your bond.

Breaking things

Although avoiding this mistake is difficult, you can prepare yourself as much as possible.

You should pack everything carefully, padding boxes and items with newspaper, towels, or linens (instead of traditional bubble wrap). Overfilling boxes will make them heavy and put pressure on the contents. You can also use storage containers, plastic tubs, or hard-cover suitcases to transport some heavier items that may benefit from hard surfaces. Label your boxes carefully and mark them clearly if they contain fragile items.

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