Essential Appliances

Essential Appliances

Moving out? Here are six essential appliances you will need

First time moving out of home? A new adventure awaits you, plans are made for your first dinner party, and it soon becomes apparent that you have a lot to buy.

It doesn't matter if you are moving into your first rental or considering taking the first step into homeownership by purchasing your first home - a new home requires several essential items, but appliances are perhaps the most important.

Some items will ensure your comfort in a home - such as a heater or air conditioner - but you may want to wait until you have saved money to purchase them. A refrigerator, for example, would be difficult to live without.

Although some appliances are costly up front, they can save you money and time in the long run… such as microwaves and slow-cookers.

Here's our guide to what you should buy when you move out to help you decide what you need.

6 Essential Appliances

As far as we are concerned, these are the absolute non-negotiables. The time you go without them may seem fine, but you'll soon realize how important they are. We have also listed high-end and budget product links for each appliance!

1. Fridge

There is no doubt that a fridge is one of the essential appliances out there. With it, you can store perishable items like milk, cheese, and meat, plus keep leftovers and bulk meals in the freezer.

Make sure it's the right size for your needs. When you live with housemates, for example, you will need adequate space to store your food, but if you live alone, you may be able to purchase a smaller refrigerator.

You should also consider the freezer's energy efficiency rating (which could save you money on utility bills) and whether it is frost-free.

Average cost - An average-sized fridge with a 400L capacity is usually $1,000 or less.

High-end -


2. Kettle

Sure, you could boil water on the stove, but who's got time for that? An electric kettle is ideal when you need to cook pasta or vegetables or brew tea or coffee before work.

You may not need to purchase a fancy kettle if you are on a tight budget and if several nifty features are available, such as temperature control. If you are short on time in the morning, you might consider a kettle with a higher wattage that boils water more quickly.

Average cost - Kettles can vary wildly, but low-cost department stores sell them for less than ten bucks.

High-end -

Budget -

3. Vacuum cleaner

If you have carpet, a vacuum is a must for cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners come in various varieties, from traditional barrel models to high-end stick models.

They all fit within different budgets, too. You should choose a vacuum designed for your flooring type, and if it is cordless, one with enough battery power to clean the entire house.

Average cost - An entry-level vacuum is normally around $200, although you can find affordable models for $50.

High-end -

Budget-end -

4. Washing machine

It's possible to have a communal washing area in your apartment if you live in an apartment. In this case, you can get away without having a washing machine.

Avoid lugging your washing to the laundromat and buy a washing machine instead if you don't or live in a freestanding home.

Consider models with high energy and water efficiency ratings if you want to save money on electricity and water.

Average cost - Whether you opt for a top loader or front loader, a basic model usually starts at around $400.

High-end -

Budget-end -

5. Iron or hand steamer

Although you do not necessarily require iron to survive, you need one if you attend a job interview or other important event. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing a hand steamer, which also effectively eliminates wrinkles from clothing.

Irons and hand steamers are often very cheap but select one from a reputable brand so your garments will not be damaged.

Average cost - Irons are one of the more inexpensive essential appliances, with prices starting from less than $10. The average cost is around $30-40.\

High-end -

Budget-end -

6. Toaster

Toasters are great for a quick breakfast: you can put something on toast in minutes. You can also use a toaster for bagels, English muffins, waffles and other bready goods, and you can often find one for less than $30.

If you can; live without a toaster, though, know that you can also toast bread under the grill in your oven.

Average cost - Toasters don't cost a lot, but for a model from a reputable brand, expect to pay just under $100.

High-end -

Budget-end -

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