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Your commercial or residential investment property plays a key role in your financial security. We understand you’ve worked hard to build your portfolio - and naturally, you want to maximise the growth. Realising the true value of your investment requires a specialist. And that’s why we’re different. 

Every detail, no matter how small, is covered by us through regular inspections, thorough rent reviews, and ongoing maintenance management by our highly experienced property management team here at Cohen Farquharson. The property types we manage include residential and commercial, including apartments, houses, and whole buildings.

Our year-round processes ensure your property is leased for the maximum rent, with minimum risk of damage. Our proactive approach ensures we can monitor the tenant's compliance with the tenancy agreement. Additionally, we prepare for the lease expiration date well ahead of time with a proactive and holistic approach, ensuring you know whether your tenant will be re-signing the lease or if there is a requirement to secure a new tenant.

The Cohen Farquharson Process


The services we provide include advertising, open inspections, application processes, and inspection reports (substandard inspection reports often lead to the loss of a tenancy or building dispute).


The building's surroundings and the tenant(s) are all checked out. All planned repairs will also be completed.


We inspect again and evaluate the tenancy, including the tenant/s property condition and the rental amount. You will then be provided with a written report outlining recommendations on how to proceed with the tenancy.


We work with you and your existing tenant to renew the lease or end the tenancy with an appropriate notice period to secure a new tenant as needed.


Our team arranges for a new lease to be signed with the existing tenant or launch a listing to find a new tenant.


We start our process again, to ensure your property is well maintained and cared for

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An overview of our day-to-day operations:

Cohen Farquharson provides a range of services, including tenant communication and management too insurance claims, and routine inspections. With our proactive approach to managing leases and all tenant needs we ensure continuous rental income. We will correspond with strata, neighbours, insurers, valuers and tradespeople with any troubles concerning your property. Cohen Farquharson also reviews, signs, tracks, and files property documents, such as notices of annual general meetings (AGMs), and attends strata meetings when necessary. Our agents handle all rent payments, which includes issuing receipts and reminders, tracking payments, and following up on late payments as well as providing an end-of-financial-year statement. 

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Property Investment Consultation & Growth

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