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An investment portfolio with multiple properties can easily reach millions of dollars. You need a property manager who has the necessary experience and dedication to oversee your portfolio, keep you informed, and ensure your goals are continually met, whether you own an apartment complex or properties in various locations. 

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced investor you should talk to Cohen Farquharson.

We have national coverage and when you work with us you will have access to our independent network of solicitors, accountants, insurance brokers and consultants to ensure you get solid impartial advice.

We assist investors with identifying, acquiring, and managing top-performing investment properties.

The Cohen Farquharson team offer the following services:

1. Act for you in managing your national portfolio: Clients with national investment property portfolios can be dealing with multiple property managers, sales agents and buyers in multiple states with different systems. We can help with the day-to-day communication including approval of maintenance and repairs; provide your accountant with the financial reports and tax invoices from property managers; liaise with your insurance broker or engage one to ensure you are adequality covered; monitor your rent increases, property compliance and provide you with recommendations to get the maximum return on your portfolio including sales appraisals. We will also monitor the sales market and bring investment opportunities to your attention.

2. Buyers advocacy: With our partners Costi Cohen and Cohen Handler, we have a network of trusted buyer agents and advocates across the residential and commercial market at your disposal.

3. Property Health Check Report: This report provides a comprehensive overview and insights into your property or a property you are considering purchasing. It determines market value, identifies inherent risks, provides financial analysis, property advisors' recommendations, photographs and any other supporting material obtained to form a report.

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What are the benefits of getting a Property Health Check before you purchase?

-    Identifies any inherent issues with the property disclosed or otherwise

-    Identifies a market value range of property

-    A point of difference in the market place, supports early offer negotiations with fact based information

-    Provides confidence in your decision or a better base to negotiating value prior to executing contract

-    Supports educated decisions

-    Knowledge is power

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Investment Management

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