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As an area with a wide range of luxurious homes, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs contains a wide range of opulent properties, so we understand the market for opulent real estate. By treating each case as an individual, Cohen Farquharson redefines executive leasing by working round the clock to evaluate applications, execute tenancy agreements, perform inspections, create compliance reports, and collect rent from tenants. We set the standard of excellence in property management for executive leasing.

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated agents are dedicated to advertising your property, addressing all rental enquiries and presenting your property to prospective tenants. Additionally, by doing these simple things well, we have established ourselves as a tried and trusted partner to investors throughout the Eastern Suburbs for generations to come.

Property owners can rely on us to actively seek tenants who meet their needs; we can provide tenants with short-term as well as long-term leases for furnished or unfurnished properties in the Eastern suburbs.

At Cohen Farquharson, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to property management. Based in Double Bay we have expertise covering the eastern suburbs, from residential properties that range from apartments and homes to a variety of commercial properties. 

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